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 Reading Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. It's my second time trying to get through this book.  The first time I was disappointed because I figured there was going to be a lack of ballrooms. I know, alot of people are tired of them, but when I started this book the first time I had just started reading mainstream historical romance and I had heard so much about the ballrooms, I wanted to see what that crack was all about. I grabbed Lord of Scoundrels because the squee over it was huge and then, lo and behold, no ballrooms. I don't think I made it past chapter 2.

Also, Bertie, the heroine's brother, was irritating. He still is second time through, just more in a sad sort of way. I hate Lord Dain, but I love to see Jessica best him. She's got a lot of spine and I love that. Everytime she thwarts Dain and he gets pissed, it makes me smile. I don't understand her attraction to him. I guess he's so ubermale she can't help but want him. Assholes turn me off, but I like Jess, so I'm having a good time for now. The hard part will be if Chase can convince me he deserves to be with Jessica. I know for a lot of people she did not succeed, we'll see where I lie on that divide. 

I tried reading Chase before. Miss Wonderful, I think it was. I couldn't get through it. I didn't like the style and I really did not care about the hero. It was boring.  I thought maybe the Chase magic didn't work on me. Lord of Scoundrels is going alot better, but I'm only a quarter of the way through it.  Chase might not be an auto buy for me, like she is for so many others. We'll see. 
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